Pregnancy Blog 7

T’was the night before due date and all through the house…

Dad-to-be was stress baking (poppyseed and walnut loaf).

Mum-to-be was relaxing after her second shower of the day (the heat!).

The nursery was ready (apart from the fire alarm battery, which needs replacing, but baby won’t actually sleep in there for another six months so that’s not too urgent).

The crib was ready for the new arrival (both the moses basket and the Next2Me).

The Positive Birth Company hypnobirthing course had been completed (by Mum-to-be anyway, no doubt she’ll explain how it works to Dad-to-be in the car on the way, or something like that).

The freezer was stocked (with lots of tasty food for the coming weeks).

The car was packed (with snacks and flip-flops and babygrows and banangrams and eye masks and phone chargers and little hats and all manner of things).

The admin and emails were organised (well, kind of, mostly, sort of. See Weekly Check-in from a couple of weeks ago for more details…).

The tank was full (Dad-to-be has been obsessively checking this for the past fortnight).

And the baby kicked.

And all waited with baited breath.

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Blog 7

  1. Come on little one I’m patiently waiting, hopefully won’t be long now Popz hold on in there. I know what waiting feels like but any is worth the wait. Much love ❤️


  2. After our first discussion in church last week Poppy I checked in to your blog with baited breath. No baby just yet but enjoyed reading your little ‘story’. Hopefully you will have your little baby to cradle in your arms very soon. Take care both yourself and Nathan and keep safe. Love Thelmaxx


  3. Hi Nathan and Poppy I was delighted to hear of your good news and hope you are all doing well. I have sent you an e-card via email and noticed it had not been read. Let me know if there are any problems downloading it and if so I will send it again. Take care Thelmax
    St Peters


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