Weekly Check-in 107

Hooray for Friday!

What a week. All this juggling is taking some getting used to!

So, highlights include:

Sunday morning service with the lovely David, who has covered lots of services for me over the past six months.

A trip to Crosby for Cine-babies this morning.

I got to cook one of my favourite meals, halloumi saag.

Challenge: Big old church, massive heating bill, few funds.

Drain: My diary is already filling up and I’m struggling to say ‘no, sorry, I can’t do that’. Although I did manage to say it once, so that’s better than nothing!

God moment: Starting to worry about those church bills but then hearing one of my favourite songs ‘Vagabonds’ coming from the bathroom! Just to remind me who is in charge.

Ta-dah moment: I did two funeral visits in one day and by the end of the evening I had done the running orders, emailed about the order of service and written a eulogy! I felt very productive.

Foodbank: This week we fed 22 people. Sophia and I sat on the floor in the hall getting to know a couple of little boys as they ran around us in circles. They boys kept going up to the door of church and so I opened it and turned the lights on. We had a lovely time looking round church with their Mum! They said it was the nicest welcome they had ever had at a Foodbank.

Mum moment: Presiding on Sunday morning with Sophia in my arms and jangling a rattle as I did so.

Mum fail: I got poo on my finger when we were at church for Foodbank on Wednesday.

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