Weekly Check-in 108

It’s Friday again! Isn’t time going quickly?

I feel like I’m getting into the swing of things a bit better this week. ‘Work’ is less of a shock and Nathan and I seem to be gradually adjusting to the new pace of life.

So, this week’s highlights!

Preaching again on Sunday was great. I didn’t wear my robes and I had Sophia in the sling.

Lunch with two of Nathan’s congregation after church, who are much more like friends, was just lovely.

Selena’s Suppers Baby led Weaning workshop where we learned all about allergies, food portions and the difference between choking and gagging. Very useful and practical!

Chatting to a member of our church who is 103. If I’m in need cheering up, I call this lady. She is warm and sunny, she is generous and kind. And how many times do you get to talk to somebody who gave birth during the blitz?!

Being part of a group who have set up a new ‘Mums empowering Mums’ movement, called The Milk Drop (link here). One of the members of my amazing breastfeeding support group found out that it is soon to be the first ever breastfeeding in public day and we decided we wanted to take this idea and run with it! We’ve got a coffee shop in Bootle opening up for a morning where all breastfeeding Mums are welcome to come and feed their babies without shame or stigma, which is exactly as it should be. We’re on social media and we’re excited that people are so supportive! It’s been fab to watch this grow from a passing comment to a full on event. Pictures have been shared, logos have been designed, and interviews have been done on radio and for the BBC! Hooray for people who have so much drive!

Challenge: learning how much to take on and what to say ‘no’ to continues to be tough.

Drain: I did two funerals this week. They were both such an honour, but blimey, I’d forgotten how tiring funerals are!

God moment: This week I’ve chosen to talk about my experiences in Rwanda in 2013 during the sermon slot. The reading is all about loving your enemies and I could think of no better example than the stories I heard from the people I met who had lost loved ones in the Rwandan genocide. As part of my research, I found the blog of one of my travelling companions. I flicked through the posts and found some from the 2012 trip to Burundi, which I also went on. And there, right in the middle of the blog, was the moment of my calling. A seemingly insignificant encounter to anybody else, but to me it was the beginning of saying ‘yes’ to ministry. I didn’t even know it was in the blog. My mind was blown!

Ta-dah moment: I finally got around to ordering an alb! This should make taking services with Sophia in the sling much easier!

Foodbank: This week we fed 23 people, including a family with four adults, six children and a cat.

Mum moment: Sophia managed to make it through the whole of Sweaty Mamas without needing a feed, so I got to do all the exercises! I could really feel it the next day though…

Mum fail: I forgot about a very dirty reusable nappy and so it waited longer than it should have done to go in the washing machine. Yuck.

See you next week!

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