Weekly Check-in 109

What a long week!

It started well, with a nice day off at the swimming baths and a good Sunday at church. We had a parishioner of mine around for lunch who has recently been widowed. We talked about the funeral and spent time getting to know each other better.

Nathan went away with his clergy chapter Monday and Tuesday so me and Sophia had some girly time. Tuesday was 22nd Feb, a palandrome date, an ambigram date and the first breastfeeding in public day! Some friends and I from our breastfeeding group decided to make a bit of a deal out of this and arranged a meet up in a kids bookshop/coffee shop in Bootle and it was fab! I was so delighted to be involved and we were buzzing that around 40 people (plus babies!) came to join in.

Soph and I then headed to Wales to see Granny and Grandpa. We had such a lovely time, chatting, playing and setting up Granny’s Alexa! But then we got home and me and Soph were struck down with this sickness bug that’s doing the rounds, and then passed it onto Nathan the next day.

So I’m not bothering with my normal highlights, drains, challenges, etc because the whole week has been a bit of an odd one!

I have managed to knock up a sermon for Nathan and I on Sunday (our readings are the same) and Nathan took on organising the youth service. We have emerged today all feeling a bit brighter, with thanks to the help of Nathan’s Mum, Polly, who has been such a star! We’re hoping that another lazy day tomorrow will help us shake it off fully and be back to normal for Sunday.

Sophia and I did have a lovely wander around the garden this evening as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful way to finish the week.

Sophia exploring
The fig tree in the sunset

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