Weekly Check-in 110

Hooray for Friday night!

This week has been much better than last, we are all pretty much on the mend.

Highlights of this week:

A baby first aid course followed by baby sensory taster at group this afternoon. My Mum came along and we had a great time! We then went to the retail park with Isabelle and Dad which was lovely.

Seeing Nathan’s Aunt and Uncle for lunch on Sunday.

Doing baptism prep for two little girls who are having their Christening in July.

Ash Wednesday service at Christ Church. It was lovely to be back in the cabin and to preach!

Challenge: updating the risk assessment for worship. It’s not a challenge so much as a bit of a pain!

Drain: Sophia hasn’t been sleeping too well. I’m quite tired.

God moment: stood rocking Sophia to sleep in the middle of the night, thinking about God. I was praying for Ukraine and wanting God to focus His efforts there rather than on me. But I felt God saying that my ways are not His ways. He can stand and rock every one of his children to sleep at the same time, and I don’t need to know how it’s possible. God still wants to hear our prayers even when there’s war breaking out.

Ta-Dah Moment: I wrote, formatted, printed and stapled the two orders of service for Lent.

Foodbank: We fed 25 people and our team seems to be getting more and more efficient as the weeks go by.

Mum Moment: I loved singing ‘under the sea’ with Sophia at group today. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, me or her!

Mum fail: I was late back from a meeting which meant that poor Nathan was struggling with a very unhappy baby who promptly pooed on his arm. Bath time was a disaster and bedtime was later than usual. Mea culpa!

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