Holy Week with a baby: Monday

2.16am Night feed number 1.

4.20am Feed number 2.

5.30am And feed number 3! She doesn’t seem to want to settle, she just wants to play!

7.35am Nathan has taken Daniel to his placement, what a star! Sophia and I will be up and on the move shortly for the Chrism Eucharist at the Cathedral this morning.

8.45am A nice family breakfast of scotch pancakes, apple and yoghurt!

10.50am The Bishop is preaching about how we can be overwhelmed afresh this Easter by the love of God. He’s reminded us of how flawed the disciples were and yet Jesus stuck with them. It’s something that is always worth remembering.

12.45pm We’re home from the Cathedral and it was just lovely. It’s a gift to be a member of the congregation in such a busy week. During the service we get to renew our baptism and ordination vows and I did so this year while feeding Sophia which was very powerful. She threw up all over me ten minutes later, but still, it was beautiful at the time!

2.45pm I’m just back from Sweaty Mamas. This is an exercise class which Mums do with their baby in a sling and using baby as a weight. It’s great fun and I’ve been going for a couple of months now. We had new choreography and music today, all on a 90s theme! I know I’ll be able to feel all those squats to Barbie Girl in my legs tomorrow…

4.10pm I’m nap trapped. That is, I’m trapped under a sleeping baby who is too cute to move.

7pm Sophia has had her bath and is enjoying her bedtime feed. I’m hoping that she will go down quite quickly but she did have that big nap earlier. Anyway, tonight I’d like to go over my reflection for the morning and I also need to tidy up a bit. Nathan has invited the Women’s Fellowship for lunch on Wednesday (sometimes the most politically savy move is not the most practical!) and I could do with straightening up downstairs.

7.55pm I’m just waiting to join Zoom for the online part of Holy Week across our three churches. Today, Tuesday and Wednesday there are online reflections on Facebook at 8.30am and then a chance to discuss the reflection over Zoom at 8pm. Like I said, mine is tomorrow but I’m looking forward to joining with others to talk about the reflection from this morning.

9pm We had a really good discussion over Zoom. We were thinking about Mary and what it must have been like for her as a parent during Jesus last few days. The conversation was fab and could have lasted for hours! Sophia even joined us for most of it (she was wide awake – I think I must have let her nap for too long). But it tired her out and she was asleep soon afterwards. Fingers crossed for a good night!

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