Holy Week with a baby: Tuesday

12.03am. First night feed!

3.08am. Second night feed.

7.45am Morning! That was one less feed than most nights in recent weeks, so I’m feeling quite good! I’m up and moving to do my reflection at 8.30.

8.55am That went quite well, I think. I wish my voice was in better shape but you can’t have everything! Time for family breakfast again.

10.30am I’m having a morning of general admin, tidying and feeding the baby. Later on I need to go to church and lead the discussion on this morning’s meditation on Zoom.

2.30pm Nap trapped again!

3.30pm It’s nice being in church on my own. I like the peace, even with the whirl of the photocopier. I’m printing and cutting up the leaflets that we will give out at the Walk Of Witness on Friday. For a change, we’re going to The Strand, a local group of shops nearby. We’ll walk from our own churches, meet together and have a short service. We’ll also be giving out hot cross buns to passers by. They’ll be in paper bags with leaflets about Easter and the local services, which is what I’m sorting out now.

4.30pm The Morrisons order arrived and the rest of the Easter Eggs for the egg hunt on Saturday are here!

6.00pm Sophia has had a tea of pasta, tomato sauce, broccoli and cauliflower. She’s had a bath and she’s ready for bed. I hope she’ll stay down tonight!

8.45pm Ha, no such luck! Sophia started crying as I was going on Zoom, then phone rang, it was Daniel asking Nathan if he could go and jump-start his Mum’s car. So Sophia was awake and upset and Nathan needed to go out, and in the end she came on the Zoom discussion again! She seemed to enjoy it, until right at the end when she really wanted her bed.

10.15pm I ordered hot cross ‘blondies’ which came in the order earlier and they’re gorgeous! They are hot cross buns with caramel and white chocolate chunks in them. Scrummy!