Holy Week with a baby: Wednesday

12.35am I’d love to say that this is the first wake of the night but actually Sophia hasn’t been to sleep for more than a couple of minutes since the Zoom discussion at 8pm. She’s been fed, changed, rocked, sung to, passed between us and a few minutes ago I even took her into the bathroom with me while I showered because she just didn’t want to be left on her own. Nothing seems to be tiring or settling her. It might just be one of those nights.

2.10am We’re awake.

3.20am Awake.

4.30am And awake.

7.15am That was a long night! I’m going to get me and Soph up and dressed to get to Foodbank, and get organised with some Mama milk and all Sophia will need for an afternoon out with her Nanny and Uncle Dan! What a fun day she is going to have!

8.59am Oh blimey. I remembered the cooler bag, the bottle, the sterilising sack, the breast pump, a new bag for more milk and even a sharpie to mark the new bag with… but I forgot to take the milk out of the fridge! Back home we go…

9.35am Right, so after a bit of a bumpy start, we are now at Foodbank complete with milk for Sophia this afternoon and my pump for the feed she’ll miss while I’m at my meeting. Let’s go!

Foodbank: boxes of food, an old Asda trolly and Sophia’s pram!

11.50am Foodbank was great. The team fed 35 people and several dogs. At quarter to, a lady came in with a voucher and even though we were closed the team helped out and put a parcel together. Sophia has gone off with Polly and Dan. Dan helped my warden, Liz, with the banners for outside church. My breast pump is sterilised and ready to go. I’m feeling quite organised and accomplished, now for deanery chapter with other local colleagues!

3.15pm So, after all that, my two parts of my handy and very expensive pump fused together when I sterilised them in the microwave. What a nightmare! I’ve ordered a replacement part to come tomorrow which is great but I’m a bit uncomfortable right now!

Our meeting was good though. We thought and prayed about the changes that are coming to the deanery which was really helpful. Because of Covid and maternity leave, this was my first Chapter meeting in person. They really are a lovely bunch.

3.50pm I’m home, Soph is home from her lovely afternoon out but she’s not really fussed about a feed. I don’t think it will be too long though.

6.30pm It’s been leftovers from Nathan’s event for tea and Sophia is ready for bed. My Mum and Dad have arrived to help out – hooray for excellent family who come and make busy times easier!

Nanny, Granny & Bubba (sorry for not getting a picture of Uncle Dan!)

9.30pm We (Mum & Dad) have finished tidying from this afternoon and the bags and leaflets for Good Friday are sorted. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. We have our BCP service at lunchtime and a chippy tea at Christ Church in the evening!

11.55pm I’m just giving Sophia her last feed of the day as I type. Reflecting on the week so far, it feels very different to previous years. If I ever thought I was tired before, I was deluded! But because Church isn’t my only focus this year it’s as if I can be swept along in the story a bit more. Rather than having everything planned down to the minute and sorted way in advance, I can somehow respond to the story more readily.

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