Holy Week with a baby: Good Friday

1.30am Feed time!

4.25am Feed time 2!

6.35am Feed time 3!

8.15am How lovely to have a slight lie in this morning, thanks Soph! Anyway, we need to get moving because we’re going out to church. We will be open for a time of reflection and refreshments from half 10 and then do the walk of witness.

10.35am Thanks to my wonderful warden, Liz, there wasn’t that much to do this morning. She understood my vision and got the space looking lovely and ready for people to pray.

11.25am Time for the walk of witness! It doesn’t look like there will be many of us (one lady, me, Dad carrying the cross and Sophia in her pram) but that’s okay!

12.30pm We got to The Strand just before 12 and met up with the crowd from Christ Church. We had a service with music, a reading, a reflection, hot cross buns and prayers and it was really great. I loved singing outside in the sunshine and reading from The Message version of the Bible. There is always something so powerful about worship which takes place outside!

Screenshot from a video from today – doing the Bible reading and keeping an eye on a napping Sophia.

1.30pm Time for that traditional Holy Week ritual… a trip to Macdonalds! You’ll notice that there have been fewer Macdonalds this Holy Week than in former years, such as that year when the Formby Macdonalds had just opened!

We also picked up a few bits at the retail park and Asda in preparation for the Fun Day tomorrow.

4pm We’re back home to eat our hot cross buns from the service earlier. Sophia took a piece out of Nathan’s hand! Mum has been amazing this morning, finishing the stones for the Easter Egg Hunt and sweeping, mopping and tidying!

Two ducks have also taken up residence in the garden and are asleep on the grass! They’re so cute!

Fred and Freda!

6.30pm Well, we have just enjoyed a super tasty tea made by Nanny Pol! When she can, Nathan’s Mum does some cooking for us when things are particularly busy or stressful, and so this week she brought us a fish pie. It was absolutely gorgeous. Sophia ate more than she usually would and had a great time getting it all over her face!

8pm Sophia is settled and everything is prepped for tomorrow. We just need to pray that people will come. I shared a picture of the Easter Egg prizes on a couple of community pages and if 2% of the people who saw the post come along, we will run out of eggs. I really hope that some people turn up and have a good time!

I’m giving myself a quiet evening after all the rushing around and late nights this week. I’m planning to knit and watch a film.

11.40pm Sophia has woken up for a feed so I’m taking the time to reflect on the day. It is easy to skip Good Friday. It’s very possible to not think about it, whether you’re a church goer or not. And I can understand why people do that because it’s really unpleasant, isn’t it? There’s not actually very much that is ‘good’ about crucifixion, so it’s easy to ignore it and I do know people who don’t go to church on Good Friday because it makes them too sad. But without Good Friday we are left with our own mess, with our own pain, with our own mistakes and there’s nobody to help fix them. Without Good Friday there is a huge gap between us and God. Good Friday is dark, very dark, but without it, the light of Easter Day has very little meaning.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. We’re not there yet.

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