Holy Week with a baby: Holy Saturday

1.20am Feed time!

3.15am Time for a feed!

6.20am First feed of the day.

9.30am Mum came in at about quarter to and took Sophia to see Bubba so that Nathan and I could have a bit of time by ourselves. We used the time well, we slept and then we booked our post-Easter holiday cottage! This will be making me dance with joy for the rest of the morning!

11.30am Granny and Grandpa are here, I’m about to pack the car and we’re all fed and ready to go to church! I always get butterflies before community events. We’re ready and we’ve pulled it all together, all we need now is to pray that people to come!

5pm Wowzers. Absolute wowzers! It got to to 12.45 and people started queuing to come in and they just kept coming! We were so busy that we ran out of hats, eggs, biscuits and hotdogs – and we ran out of the hotdogs three times! I don’t know how many came but it was easily over 100. Church was pulsing with activity and laughter and smiles, children and parents and grandparents, weekly attendees and baptism families and complete strangers, friends from Christ Church and further afield. It was excellent!

I will be honest, it has been a really tough eleven weeks back at work. I have struggled. But today is the first day in many months that I had the ‘there’s nothing else in the world I would rather do‘ feeling.

And I know, it’s Easter Saturday. Liturgically, egg hunts and the like shouldn’t be happening until tomorrow. I know that Jesus doesn’t rise until it goes dark. But I just wanted to offer something fun and positive for our community and for us, today was the right day to do it.

7.35pm We had a chinese/chippy tea and gave Sophia a bath. She’s just having her pre-bed feed and Mum, Dad, Granny and Grandpa have gone back to their houses. I’m tired in a good way and astounded by how many people came to The Good Shepherd today. I’ve learned lots too, and I can’t wait to get organising the next thing!

When Soph is settled I’m going to head downstairs and polish my sermon. I’ve had an idea to make it more interactive for if children come tomorrow. Today has taught me to be bold in my prayers and to hope for a good turn out!

This is definitely one of my favourite ever pictures of TGS – thank you Helen for taking such great snaps!

10.10pm Sermon polished, visual aids made, laptop closed. Time for a couple of rows of knitting followed by bed.

Today was great for many reasons, but one of them was that my family are just wonderful. We like nothing better than a community event like this, with teas to make, pots to wash, people to chat to, floors to sweep, faces to paint and chairs to put away.

But I remember my last summer fair at my home church before I got ordained and I was so sad that it would be my last. I remember looking up at the tall trees in the garden where the fair is held and, even though I was sad, I had a huge sense of purpose. My family and my home church helped me grow up like those trees. It’s now my job, as a deacon, priest, vicar, to help to shape communities for other little girls to grow up in so that they can feel loved, supported and rooted wherever they go in life. I pray that The Good Shepherd can be that place for everybody who comes through the door.

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