Weekly Check-in 118

What a whirlwind of a week!

On Saturday we took the opportunity to go out and we went to the Cheshire Food Festival and had a really great time. We bought little portions and shared them so that we could try lots of things!

Shawarma platter for 1!

On Sunday we were both back at work and since then it’s been a bit manic! I worked every session Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and I can tell that I’m just not used to it!

But the highlights of the week include:

Baptism prep with a lovely family who were asking me all kinds of questions about church and vocation.

Sweaty Mamas exercise class.

A new community music group starting up in church on a Wednesday morning.

A couple of meetings that felt really positive.

Challenge: last night I took a session on the Directions course which is run by the diocese for people thinking about ‘what next?’ in their journey of faith. I loved doing the session and I had some good chats afterwards, but I was quite nervous beforehand!

Drain: Sophia is sleeping in her own room. We have had mixed results. It’s very tiring. She’s perfectly happy in her own room and she sleeps very well when a, she’s in the spare bed and not the cot b, one of us is with her c, she can have an all you can eat buffet.

God moment: I really struggled on Monday, but Tuesday was better. Thank you, Lord.

Foodbank was interesting this week. The team helped to feed 29 people, which is great.

The gardener found a big bag of medication which had been dumped in the grounds and we had to call 101 to ask what to do with it.

One person was sent away because they come every week and you are only supposed to be able to access a foodbank parcel three times in 6 months.

And we had a group start learning the violin in the church space. It was all go!

Ta-Dah Moment: I sorted a form that I’ve been meaning to do for ages!

Mum moment: Yesterday was Nathan’s day with Sophia. I had a meeting, they went to a meeting, they went out for lunch, then I had another meeting. All these overlapped which meant Soph and I were apart for 7 hours, probably the longest block of time yet. But do you know what? It was absolutely fine and we had such a giggle playing together when we got home!

Mum fail: Sophia grabbed my fresh chai latte this morning and poured it all over the table and herself. I didn’t realise she could stretch that far but her little hand reached over the rim of the mug and suddenly the hot, milky fluid was everywhere. It was quite scary. I took her top off her and legged it to the bathroom to run her arm under cold water. Thankfully there is no harm done and our lovely friend mopped up the mess on the table. It’s frightening how things can go wrong in a split second!

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