Weekly Check-in 119

A super quick check-in this week, which was less intense than last week, thank goodness!


The zoo with Nathan and Sophia on Saturday.

Tea with Polly and Martin on Wednesday.

Catch ups and meetings with colleagues.

Challenge: waiting for a phonecall that didn’t come.

Drain: still trying to work out how to get some more regular volunteers for Good Sheoherd services and the like.

God moment: dancing to Give Me Joy In My Heart with the two year old little girl I baptised on Sunday.

Ta-Dah Moment: I’m supposed to be working part time so some normal vicar things get squeezed out. It’s mostly admin and visits that I’m doing less of at the moment. But this week I managed to do three months worth of expenses.

Mum moment: when Sophia saw a chimp at the zoo eating an onion and said ‘Dada’!

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