Weekly Check-in 120

That really was not the week I was expecting. You know when God seems to be throwing you a bit of a curve ball? Yeah, one of those.

But the highlights!

A day our with our friends and Goddaughter on Saturday.

Sweaty Mamas. It’s the best investment I make in myself all week.

Starting training to be a breastfeeding peer supporter.

Two meetings yesterday with passionate, competent people who I’d love to work with.

Breastfeeding support group today where we had a weaning workshop by a chef. It was fab!

Mum and Dad arriving tonight and Sophia laughing with them all through tea.

Challenge: Sunday morning when I found myself being minister (preaching and taking the service), Mother (looking after Sophia), warden (opening up church), verger (setting up church) and organist (pressing play on the music). I was a bit tired afterwards.

Drain: I know I keep saying it, but I am really tired.

God moment: praying with some really wise people.

Ta-Dah Moment: doing my expenses!

Foodbank: It was unusually quiet this week. We fed 12 people. It seems that the weather has an impact because fewer people come when it’s raining! But we seemed to do even more talking to and supporting our clients this week, so it felt busier than it was.

Mum moment: On the way to Foodbank Sophia said ‘Mama Dada!’ She’s been saying bith for ages but never together!

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