Weekly Check-in 126

Happy Christmas!

Sophia is down and Nathan is snoozing on the sofa so I’m taking the chance to get a few thoughts down.

We’ve had a fab week, much better than last. I feel really sorry for anybody who has had this nasty flu thing this week, it’s really grim!

Anuway, highlights for me this week include…

Carols to the elderly

Singing eound the crib to the children as they came out of school
Christingle making
All the Christmas services

The bear in the picture above is Cookie who belongs to Sophia’s nursery and Cookie is living with us for the holidays! We are to take pictures of the things we’ve been doing and stick them in a book when we’re done.

This week had been intense but lovely. It’s been a bit of a juggling act but we made it! I’ve enjoyed doing Christmas with my new church and getting to know the people better. I’ve worshipped fully, with great singing and music. I’ve loved seeing Christmas through Sophia’s eyes, full of sparkle and music and joy!

I have to say, I’m really tired and looking forward to a quiet week! There’s a couple of things to do, plus a funeral but apart from that it will be a week to clear my desk and catch up with myself.

Anyway, a very happy Christmas, from our house to yours!

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