Weekly Check-in 125

Blimey, aren’t there some nasty bugs doing the rounds?!

It’s been a fortnight since my last blog because we’ve all been down with something quite nasty in our house. What should have been my sermon writing and service prepping week turned into ‘cancel everything and stay in the house’ week.

Sophia didn’t do nursery or Breastfeeding Group party and I missed a meal at the Cathedral with my lovely friend Liz as well as a meet up with other young clergy Mums.

We’ve just passed this bug on to each other and ended up feeling quite sorry for ourselves, as you can tell! The picture at the top is Sophia reaching her hand out of her cot to hold mine, something we’ve been doing a lot of!

Anyway, I did manage to do the toy service last Sunday and the communion with carols service this morning. I didn’t do a whole lot in between but with paracetamol and coffee I made it! Here’s a picture the toys we collected in church last week.

I also managed to do a visit when a parishioner died and I led the advent study on Wednesday, although I kept my distance. I was feeling a bit better by that point but Sophia had come down with it and she just wanted to lie and cuddle all day. It was like when she was six months old and going through the separation anxiety phase. Every time I go up to go to the loo it was met by an outraged and heartbroken ‘mama!’.

I’m grateful for loving and generous people who understand that I’ve been off the radar a bit for a little while. Hopefully, having been ill just now means that we should be full steam ahead for the last push before Christmas! Just think, this time next week it will all be over.

One last thing, even though Sophia missed the Group Christmas party, her Daddy made his first appearance as Father Christmas’s helper! What a hero!

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