Holy Week 2023: Tuesday

6.30am Soph awake!

9.00am Nathan has taken Sophia to nursery, and I’m doing morning prayer. I’m feeling better than yesterday, but still not too bright, so I’m going to cancel my communion in a local nursing home this afternoon. It’s unfortunate, but I just can’t risk passing anything onto people who are already vulnerable. I’ll reschedule for next week.

11am After sorting the kitchen and doing a bit of tidying, I’m at the hair dresser for a fringe trim. I didn’t have time for a full haircut this week, but after taking those screenshots from Sundays service, I’m aware that my fringe is in desperate need of a tidy up!

11.10am That’s better!

2.30pm When I’ve not slept well and I’ve got an evening meeting coming, like today, I find it helpful to have a bit of downtime in the afternoon. So I’ve just had half an hour knitting and a half an hour nap. Now I need to do some work and try to find a book of Easter liturgy and reflections that I had last night, but now seems to have gone walkies!

4.45pm The book, it turns out, was in St Giles vestry. This has not brought out the best in me because I spent a long time looking for it. But anyway, this afternoon, I have managed to do some editing and printing for Friday, and I’ve polished one of my sermons for Sunday. Now it’s time to get Sophia!

6pm Tea was much better this evening. I think it helps when food is on the table when Sophia gets in, but of course, that relies on us knowing when she’ll get in! Nursery is between 10 and 20 minutes away depending on traffic, so it’s not an exact science.

Anyway, as you can see, Amber monkey joined us for tea at Sophia’s request and she had a good go at her pasta and drank several helpings of juice. Now to have a bit of a play and get her down before I go out to Standing Committee in an hour.

9.20pm Standing Committee was as lovely and useful as ever. The team are a useful sounding board and full of good advice and support. But poor Nathan had only just come down from settling Soph when I got in. She did not want to go to sleep tonight!

11.05pm I’ve just got to bed after answering some emails and cutting up leaves for a prayer station that I will use later in the week. Things are coming together for the rest of the week, but I could do will fully shaking this cold. Hoping for a good night of rest for all three of us.

11.20pm Soph awake.