Holy Week 2023: Wednesday

4.10am Soph awake.

8.05am I think I was trying to settle Sophia for an hour before finally giving in and bringing her in with us. It’s not ideal, but it was the only way I was going to get some sleep! So as a result, I’m quite tired.

9.15am It’s knit and pray time again! We’re all up and dressed and Nathan has taken Soph to nursery.

10.25am Off to church to do a bit of prep and speak to our administrator – who is a saint! And then it’s Lent Study with soup over lunch and Communion for the Women’s Fellowship.

11am Something I’d like to show you: the Vicar’s snack draw in the office. This was one of my better ideas!

2pm What a lovely few hours! Lent Group has been running for the last 6 weeks and it has been great. We haven’t loved the book but the discussion, company and soup has been wonderful! After Lent Group I did communion for the Women’s Fellowship which was lovely too, and was followed by excellent cake.

4.05pm You know I said I was having trouble visualising certain things about Holy Week in a new church? Well, I’ve been and had a wander around Crosby Village to suss out where we’ll do what on Friday morning, and I’m feeling much better. I’ve also picked up a portion of chips from the Good Catch.

Sometimes you’ve just got to sit in your car and eat chips!

4.50pm Off to pick up Soph and swing by the cinema to see if there’s any chance of a popcorn donation for the event on Saturday.

5.20pm There is no popcorn going begging but there was a little girl at nursery who was very pleased to see her Mama! She wiggled and danced when she saw me coming down the corridor! Apparently she’s been a bit off today. A bit subdued and teary. I blame the lack of sleep. And I blame the lack of sleep on the arrival of new teeth.

6.15pm Tea was OK tonight. We had bhaji burgers with mango chutney and homemade raita. Soph didn’t eat any burger, bhaji, or chutney, but she did love the raita. She had it with a sprinkling of sweetcorn, which is her very favourite thing.

7.50pm Toddler is asleep and Nathan is out! Time to crack on with some more stuff. I need to finalise the prayer stations for Friday afternoon.

11.20pm The day has ended with tea, hot chocolate, hot cross buns, and an exchange of funny stories about Easter flowers, newsletter deliveries, and orders of service (see picture at the top). It’s been a nice day. But the heat starts to turn up tomorrow.

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