Weekly check-in 134

I realise that it won’t look like it from the pot of tea and large orange and chocolate hot cross bun in the picture above, but I’ve actually been quite busy this week!

Apart from the day off on Monday which involved watching TV, eating chocolate, demolishing hot cross buns, and wandering in the garden, the rest of the week has been quite full on.

Tuesday I went to the Hub and caught up on emails. Wednesday was funeral prep, a pastoral visit and communion in a local nursing home. Thursday involved service prep for Sunday, a big funeral, and time at the wake. Friday was Hub, Breastfeeding Support Group, and prep for when we are back from leave. It’s been full-on!

Today is low Sunday, which is the Sunday after Easter. After church-heavy seasons like Christmas and Easter, I like to do something a bit different. Today, we had our area youth worker and one of the young people lead us in worship and speak to us, which was absolutely fantastic. I was so enthused, and although the music might have been a bit different from what we’ve been used to recently, lots of people seemed to enjoy it.

Afterwards, we had our annual church meeting (APCM) followed by a shared lunch. Next year, somebody remind me not to do the APCM the week after Easter! It’s been a slog, and my brain kept getting mixed up between proposer and seconder. Not good.

Anyway, some other things about this week:

God moment: praying with somebody and very clearly feeling God’s presence in the room.

Challenge: The annual meeting. It was absolutely fine, but another one of those things where there’s a bit of unknown for your first one in a new church.

Ta-Dah Moment: writing up a pulpit swap rota.

Mum moment: when Sophia decided to wake me up by pouring juice into my mouth, which was in fact shut, and juice going down my face and into my ear.

Sophia drinking cool tea poured from a teapot into a little cup!

Oh, and her falling in love with let it go! We’ve no idea where she heard it, but she loves that song and I’ve listened to it at least thirty times today.

New words: let it go (ig-go), GO! when the car engine starts, what’s that (wa-ac)?, Bingley (ing-lee).

Mostly this week, I’ve been that lovely kind of tired that comes from having put lots of effort into something that went well. I’m delighted by how Easter went and I’m glad that it will be twelve months before we do another APCM! But now, I need a good rest.

See you soon x

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