Weekly Check-in 135

Happy Sunday – nope! Sorry, happy Monday!

As lovely as all these bank holidays are, I am all out of sync! Added to that, we’ve been back at work after our (nearly) two weeks off since last Sunday, so it’s taken a while to get going again.

Highlights since we came back include: my first baptism at ASSF which was absolutely lovely (see picture at the top), a trip to the zoo, Sophia sleeping for nearly twelve hours after Nathan settled her, cpronation party at Breastfeeding Support Sefton, Nathan’s tasty lunch sat watching the coronation, two Sweaty Mamas sessions, lunch at storyhouse with a friend, and the concert at St Giles today.

God moment: after the service, somebody at church approached me wanting a chat. This doesn’t happen very often, but I saw a word flash above their head like a flashing Broadway sign ‘X’. This person said ‘Poppy, can I ask what you think about X?’ Sorry to not be more specific about what the word was, but I don’t want to break confidences. Just know it was a very positive conversation about something very exciting!

Challenge: the problem with having a fantastic holiday is that you’ve got to come home. It’s been a rough week for all three of us in different ways, and there have been a few tears, even though we love nursery, ASSF and St Giles very much.

Ta-Dah Moment: it’s boring, but clearing my emails after holiday and Easter was a huge job!

Mum moment: there are so many this week! But I think I’ll go with this:

Sophia has been eating an embarrassing amount of communion wafers. She stands next to me as I say the prayers and puts her hand up for wafers. If I don’t give her one she starts to shout. In the interest of keeping some sort of order, I give her one wafer at a time. I have tried all sorts of other things to distract her; chocolate buttons, white chocolate buttons, fruit, chocolate biscuits, ice cream wafers, but nothing has worked until this week. The answer, it turns out, is prawn cocktail crisps! Yesterday, she sat and ate crisps the whole way through and just had the one wafer, which is great because it was getting embarrassing, her having ten and everybody else only having one!

New words: Sophia’s vocabulary had exploded since we went away on holiday. She has new words every day now, not just every week! Here are a few new ones: king, cown (crown), mama too (which is very cute), zing (swing), ower (flower), resses (dresses), lellie (wellie) and my favourite, peeze (please).

Next week: Next week I am particularly looking forward to lunch at the pub with the golden girls from church.

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