New home, new blog!


Throughout Vicar School I really enjoyed blogging occasionally, so I thought I’d get a new page to do a bit of blogging alongside my ministry!

I’ll be moving from writing about the school part of training (theological education) into the apprenticeship phase (curacy), as it were. You’ll be very welcome to have a look from time to time should you like to!

Here is a picture of me last Sunday:


I got ordained! I, along with 15 others, was made a deacon in Liverpool Cathedral. It was a beautiful, powerful and very overwhelming day spent with some of my favourite people alongside a lot of very welcoming, new faces.

I then started work the next day and I cannot believe that a whole week has passed already! From meetings, to toddler groups, to communal crosswords at a coffee morning, to leading services, I have had a full on but brilliant week. Today I am feeling a little more steady and used to the rhythm of things, but no less excited about joining in with what God is doing in Formby!

So welcome to my new blog page, more to follow!

(Photo credit, Rosie Hosker).

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