Holy Week as a Priest: Palm Sunday

Can it really be a year since I was blogging my way through my first Holy Week ordained?! Doesn’t time fly! I’ve decided to blog every day this holy week as well because, as a Priest, it will look different to last year in a few ways. So I’ll write as I go throughout the day and then post the blog every evening. If reading what a curate gets up to in Holy Week is of any interest to you, then you are most welcome to follow along as I go.


I’m up, dressed, caffeinated and reading through my sermon before I head to church to print it. From my study, I can see the lovely blossom on the tree next door; it’s a beautiful day.

Today I am leading, preaching and presiding at St Michael’s, one of the three centres of worship in the benefice. It’s a beautiful little church, tucked away behind Formby bypass in the middle of a farming community. The people at St Michael’s haven’t had an easy time of late, what with various long term congregants dying, the heating system packing up as well as money worries. I haven’t had the smoothest of years, but St Michael’s and it’s people have been a real constant source of joy me.

Right, it’s nearly half past so I’m off to Holy Trinity to pick up my robes. I’ll check in later.


How beautiful does St Michael’s look this morning? I do love it.11.17am

The service is done at St Michael’s! The further into ministry I get, the more frustrated I get by the little mistakes I make. Stumbling over the occasional word, making a bit of a mess of putting the veil over the chalice after communion, getting distracted by a crow tapping loudly on the window during my own sermon

But to paraphrase what David (retired priest) said after the service ‘it’s not you that makes a service good, it’s God’. It’s always good to be reminded of that.

So now I’m back at Holy Trinity watching the family service happen from the mezzanine. I’m not on the rota to do anything so it’s ok to be up here. It gives a different perspective on what’s going on.Here is Mark talking about all that happens between Palm Sunday and Good Friday. The kids have been following him around the church as he talked through the different things that happened. We like to make things as interactive as possible in this service!


I’m currently sat in the car waiting for Nathan so we can have lunch. We were supposed to meet in the pub but their kitchen isn’t open until 3 today so I’ve come to pick him up so we can go somewhere else.

Speaking of Nathan, he’s already done 2 services today, and he’s got three to go! I’m finished for the day but there is still an informal Easter Service, a joint wedding & baptism service and a Palm Sunday service of readings, reflections & music to go! It does just happen that way sometimes. Occasionally, one of us is super busy while the other is much less so.

1.00pmRetreating to the Freshfield for lunch. Look at the cheese on that burger! Yum.


My Sunday afternoon tradition is to call my lovely family. I’ve spent a lot of the afternoon making phone calls and having video chats. It’s been lovely to catch up and it’s definitely one of the things that keeps me rooted. I probably won’t have much time to chat next week so it’s great at have a good, long catch up at this point.

Today we’ve talked about many things, from Dad looking forward to finishing his Lenten fast (alcohol) & his new oxblood docs, to my sister joining PCC (voluntarily!), to my Mum’s canvassing for the council elections next month. They’ll be at church in Formby next week and I cannot wait!


It’s been a good day. In some ways I don’t like Palm Sunday much. It feels a bit fake, too good to be true. Like that point in a film about half an hour in where everything is going well but you know it won’t last. On Palm Sunday, the crowds whoop and cheer as Jesus enters the city. In just a few days, that crowd will turn nasty. The tension is beginning to build.

But for now, time for another Sunday tradition in Chez Thorpe: pjs, a glass of red and some good TV. There’s a ham cooking to be used for lunch throughout the week (Nathan has even done a glaze!).

Here’s to this time next week!

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