Weekly Check-in (17)

Happy November everyone!

This week has been less busy than last, thankfully, so it gets 7/10.

I worked my day off this week because we had diocesan synod on Saturday morning. It went well and that afternoon I did some more prep for the funeral on Monday.

Sunday was lovely. I presided at the 8.45, did an all age sermon at the 10.45 and then took the memorial service at St Michael’s in the afternoon. Memorial services are a chance to remember those people now in God’s safe keeping. These services are about striking a balance. They can make people quite sad, but as I often say, tears are healing, and it’s a privilege to hold the space and point to the hope we have in Jesus.

On Monday I took the funeral of the man I went to visit a month or so ago. This family chose to have the committal at the crematorium followed by a celebration and thanksgiving at church. I love this way of doing things, and I was delighted to be able to be with such a lovely family at this time.

That afternoon, I took communion to a 40 year long member of Holy Trinity who can’t get to church at the moment. In the evening, Nathan, Gill and I had another session putting together a Formby-wide marriage preparation course. We get on really well, and we always have a laugh!

On Tuesday I did some admin and took communion to another person. In the evening we had Alpha and one of our group just got back from Santiago de Compostela, and as well as lots of interesting documents to show us, he brought a feast of bread, olives, oils and feta cheese!


Wednesday was a fairly normal day and yesterday I spent the morning in the office, doing prep for Christmas publicity and Remembrance Sunday.

Later on today, Nathan and I are off to Retford for their celebration of 25 years of women’s ministry. We’ll be back tomorrow night in good time for another Sunday. I am taking the services at St Luke’s in Crosby this week, because their vicar is on sabbatical. I’m a bit nervous, but as always, looking forward to the challenge of doing something different!

The highlight of the week for me was Wednesday evening where Nathan and I had a night off together. We didn’t do anything special, we just got an early night after eating risotto and watching Big Bang Theory!

My weekly star this week is our new warden, Jan. She has taken to the job like a duck to water. Not only did she help to set up church for the funeral on Monday, but she could also be found pouring tea and coffee for 75 afterwards! She is such a grafter and we are very lucky to have her!

This week I am praying for all things general election. To quote Madam Hooch from Harry Potter: ‘now I want a nice, clean game! From all of you!’

More next week! 🙂

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