Weekly Check-in (21)

A glass of wine in hand, The Apprentice on iplayer and my laptop on my knee can only mean one thing… it’s Friday!

This week is getting a 7/10. What with one thing and another, and with Christmas looming, the pressure is increasing.

The week began with a very long sleep on Saturday morning. I think my fitbit registered something like 11hours 25 minutes! I never beat my friends on fitbit step count, but I like to think that I’d be up there among the best sleepers!

On Sunday I presided at at 8.45 and the hot-footed it over to St Peter’s for the deanery confirmation service which was so nice. I feel very at home there, and it was lovely to be up front with Nathan, too.


On Monday I went to see a lady from church in hospital and in the evening I had three meetings. Tuesday was fairly standard, with a meeting with the Eco team to decide about when to apply for an Eco Church Award. Wednesday, & Thursday included various things, from doing fancy lettering on the chalk board in the prayer room, to meeting a wedding couple, to making even more graphics for the church social media accounts!

We headed over to Hazel Grove last night for the induction of one of our best friends as vicar. It’s super exciting to think that people in our year from college are starting to make this step! It was a lovely service and I think that Josh, Ash and Abbie will all be very happy there.

Today, Trinity St Peter’s school held a service at Holy Trinity to celebrate all their achievements over the past 6 months or so. Bishop Paul preached, Fr Richard spoke, several awards were presented and the final song was sung in memory of the lovely Margaret Blake, beloved governor, incredible warden and the very best of landladies to me when I arrived in Formby. It was just an honour to be at the service, and I can truly say that being a part of the Trinity St Peter’s family is one of the best things about my job.

The weekly Star this week is definitely the Head Teacher of TSP, Mrs Pringle. She is a wonderful leader, has lead the way in getting all the awards and put together a great celebration service today which honoured Margaret’s memory in a fantastic way.

A few minutes ago, our good friend Philippa has arrived to spend the day with us tomorrow and and so I am clocking off until Sunday.

Much love!


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