Weekly Check-in (24)

It’s 20th December which means… 5 days to go!

The week before Christmas is always very busy and intense, as the picture of my messy desk implies, but I’m feeling better than last week, so it’s getting 8/10.

At the weekend, my family came to stay. Dad & Bingley came on Thursday, Mum & Isabelle rocked up on Friday evening and Granny & Grandpa came over for Sunday lunch and the St Michael’s carol service. We also saw Polly & Martin on Saturday afternoon! It was such a nice weekend, and I’m very grateful to them all for taking us as they found us in the midst of the Christmas carnage!

This is the lovely Bingley

They all went back home after the service on Sunday, and I went off to the clergy Christmas meal at David & Sue’s.

On Monday morning there was cuppa & chat carols and in the afternoon I took a funeral.

On Tuesday we went to the local school to help with their Christingle. I did the talk on the hoof with no prep – and didn’t do too badly! In the evening we had the last Alpha session of the year. Some feedback is that one person is more confident sharing their faith, another is loving delving into theology via Youtube videos and another feels called to be a good listener in church!

Yesterday we went to St Peter’s for the school Christmas service, which was fab, as ever! St Peter’s choir led carol singing in the Grapes in the evening, and singing with them is always an utter joy!

Today I’ve done a couple of visits and had my nails done. Today especially, I’ve been reminded what a privilege it is to be a minister, and to sit with people in the best and worst times of their lives.

My weekly Star is Dave one, of the wardens at St Michael’s. He has been coordinating the work on the heating system and on Sunday he was showing me a cup of sludge that has come out of the filter which seems to have helped to get he heating up and running again (I’ll be honest, I’ve got no idea about any of this). Anyway, it’s a Christmas miracle, and due to the hard work of Dave and team, St Michael’s was up to a tropical 16 degrees on Wednesday morning!

I’m also chuffed at the response to our communal Christmas card initiative. I suggested that people might like to write one Christmas card to the whole church, rather than to lots of individuals. It’s better for the environment and it saves money. I expected that, as it’s the first year we’ve done it, I might get half a dozen people joining in. But as of yesterday, there are 22 cards! We’ve put them on the glass panels either side of the doors in church.


So, it’s nearly Christmas and I’ll see you on the other side!

Poppy x

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