Weekly Check-in (25)

We did it! It’s done! Merry Christmas!

After a hectic week and a gorgeous but full Christmas Day, I am currently writing from Retford and enjoying some time off.

Bingley in a bow!

Today I noticed the layers of rubbish in the bottom of my handbag and discovered several items which nicely summarise the Christmas season, and they are pictured in the banner at the top. There are gloves from wreath making a few weeks back, toot sweet whistles from the Christingle and a couple of Christmas cards. If there had been a pyx of communion wafers and some tea bags, it would have been perfect!

Anyway, back to this week. It’s getting 7/10. With the struggle of all things work and the joy of all things family and Christ-child, this week is middling.

On Saturday, Nathan and I had the day off (miracle of miracles) and finished the wrapping. On Sunday I preached at Rosemary Lane, talking about how angels are God’s messengers and wearing my angel wings! We then had a carol service in the evening, which went really well.

Monday was an interesting time. Things got a bit tense and difficult, not helped by the fact that the exhaust fell off the car. Many swear words were uttered.


Luckily the phenomenal Kirklake Garage, despite being fully booked, know how much I need a car at this time of year and miraculously managed to fit me in. Utter legends.

So, on Christmas Eve we had our toddler service and Christingle making. Afterwards I did 4 visits, got vertigo and had a nap. Thankfully, after some prayer, I woke up feeling like a new woman and went on to cook tea and then preach and preside at the midnight service at St Michael’s.


We both got back about 12.45am, had a drink (Nathan was on the whisky and I had an amaretto) and joined in with the ‘Clergy Malt Club’. We opened our stockings and fell asleep around 2am. The alarm went off at 6.15 because Nathan had an 8am service. I went to Holy Trinity and celebrated at 9am and went to Redgate with Mark for their 10am service. Then we sped back to Rosemary Lane for the 11am Christingle which went really well. It finished at about 12 and I was back and packing up the car at 12.30.


We then drove to Warrington to have lunch with the Thorpes and we had such a lovely time.


Lunch was delicious and the company was fab. In the afternoon we put on Arthur Christmas and I had a much needed nap on Nathan.

curate done.
curate done.

I felt very refreshed afterwards and later in the evening, we drove to Retford in very good spirits and with some gorgeous butties made by Polly.

We arrived in Retford where there were glasses of gin waiting and presents to be opened. We watched the Gavin and Stacey Special together, which was amazing, and in the end, despite the tiredness, Mum, Isabelle and I sat up chatting and catching up until 2am.

Yesterday, Dad, Grandpa and I went on the Boxing day Greyhound Walk at the kennels that Jenna & Bingley came from. In the afternoon, we girls, Mum, Granny, Isabelle and I went to see Little Women. I thoroughly enjoyed the girls trip out, and the film was pretty good too!

Today I’ve had a big sleep and then we had a coffee with Granny and Grandpa before they set off. Then we went into Retford and had lunch at the Kiwi and Nathan and I both got new phones! So most of the afternoon has involved setting up our new devices and watching films.

We’ve had such a great time with our family and the fun doesn’t end here because, we are off to see Josh, Ash and our Goddaughter, Abbie tomorrow, and on 29th we are seeing Nathan’s other side of the family.

This last month might have been a long slog, but spending quality down time with our favourite people has made it all worth it.

My weekly star this week is undoubtedly Nathan Thorpe. He’s helped me sort things out when he’s had so much on, and he made me confront an issue that I’d have much rather swept under the carpet; and he was absolutely right to.

So, there we are. Christmas is over for another year, and I’m so glad! But at the same time, it’s never over. God came to earth in the form of a tiny baby so that we would all know how much we are loved and that’s more than a once a year thing. That’s a forever thing.

Much love x

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