January Goals

Hello everyone!

December was a busy but productive month, so I’ll start by talking about the goals from the blog that I did achieve. I made and printed new Home Communion orders of service (and Mark asked for a set to be printed for him, too). I did thirteen pastoral visits, wrote 4 extra blogs and did the Epiphany order of service for St Michael’s.

However, I didn’t finish Shameless (yet again – although this time I did read a bit) and I didn’t identify an Eco Team for St Michael’s (but that’s hopefully going to be on the agenda for the January PCC). I’m pretty sure that I didn’t lose any weight, but as I’m yet to step on the scales since before Christmas, I don’t actually know!

Anyway, January is a very long and very dull month, in my opinion. It’s cold and dark without the twinkly joy of Christmas. So my way to deal with that is to keep busy! This month I’m going to try to:

  1. Do another 10 visits.
  2. Update my sermon spreadsheet (which fell by the wayside about 2 years ago)
  3.  Finish Shameless (I am determined to do it this month!)
  4. Write 3 extra blogs
  5. Make pre-Lent and Lent orders of service for St Michael’s
  6. Establish an Eco Team for St Michael’s
  7. Apply for the Eco Award for Holy Trinity
  8. Organize something for Fairtrade Fortnight

So far, January is going well. I have done 2 visits, applied for the award and put the cogs in motion for a coffee morning and stall for Fairtrade Fortnight.

Thanks for reading along, I know this is probably fairly boring to most people, but it’s so helpful for me to have somewhere to jot down what I’m aiming to do!

Has anybody else got any plans or goals for January? I’d love to hear!

3 thoughts on “January Goals

  1. Hi Poppy. I always enjoy your blog – keep up the good work. I don’t do new year resolutions instead, I draw up improvement lists and this spurs me on. Eg last year I improved upon parallel and reverse parking even though I’ve been driving since 1982. Plenty more improvements made – just little steps. Couple didn’t leave 1st base and will do this year. Sheila x


    1. Aww thanks Sheila! What a good idea, and I think its fab that you chose to improve those two elements of your parking. I could do with getting at parallel parking because I’m rubbish!


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