Weekly Check-in (38)

Well, things just get more and more surreal, don’t they? This week gets 5/10. See the blog from yesterday for a bit more detail about all things coronavirus.

At this point of the week, I can usually say what has happened on which day, but let’s be honest, this week, the days have kind of all blurred together!

So, overall, I have taken two funerals, had a skype meeting and prayed lots with the ministry team on GoTo Meeting. I have made many phone calls to people. I have prepped a reflection for tomorrow and a sermon for Sunday, both of which have been filmed. I have picked up my own prescription and a prescription for a parishioner.

I have also had a walk everyday, and this has really helped me to appreciate the beautiful sunshine and signs of spring around us. I have relaxed by doing a jigsaw and I have really tried to get my head around all this stuff. I have enjoyed spending the evenings with Nathan.

The weekly star this time is our ordinand, Chris. He is organising all the online reflections and services, spending ages editing the videos and really seeing all of this as an opportunity. Just check out how great the video from Sunday is! The service won’t be the same this week because, as you all know, the regulations have tightened since then and we can no longer go into church.

I am so looking forward to a day off tomorrow, although I am sad that the wedding I was supposed to be doing is no longer going ahead, and I’m also sad to not see our Goddaughter, her parents and their new puppy today! It does make sense though.

Stay safe everybody!

One thought on “Weekly Check-in (38)

  1. Couldn’t agree more re the days blurring into one another
    I’m feeling extremely tired assimilating all the changing government guidelines and waking up at odd times in the night We’re all feeling extremely unsettled
    It wasn’t the empty shelves in Waitrose that scared me so much as the first person I met wearing a face mask
    Nathan tells me your new vicarage has a great view of the racecourse from the back bedroom but sadly no Grand National this year
    Onwards &/upwards,

    Courage mes braves !
    Love to you both
    Caroline x


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