Coronavirus thoughts (2)

Evening everyone, just a bit of an update from me.

I was feeling so positive when I wrote my last coronavirus blog a week ago, but since then, the reality of the situation has begun to sink in, and I’ve found it a bit of a struggle.

I miss worshipping. I know I can pray to God wherever I want, I know I can sing to God whenever I want, but singing on my own just isn’t the same as singing with other people. There will be things about regular services that we all miss. For Nathan, he has struggled with not having communion with other people. The Bishop has given permission for us priests to have communion on our own, but like with the singing, it’s just not the same without others.

I found it really hard to take a funeral and not be able to offer even a handshake, let alone a hug. I have done two funerals this week, and both families I know fairly well. My natural instinct would have been to give hugs at the end, and I couldn’t. It felt wrong in every way.

I am trying to work out how to preach and give church notices in front of a camera instead of people, and that’s messing with my mind a bit.

And suddenly, my favourite Bible passage, Matthew 6.25-34, when Jesus tells us not to worry about the future, has become very challenging. I am worried about the future. I am worried about getting food, and mostly, other people getting food. I am worried about what will happen in all of this.

But, like I said last time, I’m trying to keep some perspective. Remembering the story about the neighbours bringing my great Grandmother a single egg when my Granny had whooping cough helps with that. On our daily walk today, Nathan and I went past a house selling eggs. There was an honesty box, an option of chicken or duck eggs and at least 2 boxes of each. I need to remember: this. could. be. so. much. worse.

I suppose that the ‘do not worry’ passage does have some logic to it. Worrying will not add a moment to my life, and it certainly won’t make this come to an end any sooner.

So, please feel free to join me in trying to focus on the positive. I loved going outside and cheering our NHS tonight. I am loving daily video chats with my family. I loved that today, that great big blue sky was not broken by condensation trails.

Please do add any nice and positive experiences of your own in the comments!

Bye for now 🙂

4 thoughts on “Coronavirus thoughts (2)

  1. The silence (which I thought I would hate) ; learning to read a book to Jamie by turning the camera around during video chats to reveal one of “Uncle Martin’s old Thomas books); the effort we go to to keep our Lent Group going – long and complicated story – and valuing the course more as a result of the effort; and watching Ian cook his Spag Bol Special for our neighbours, who both work at Warrington Hospital, for tea tonight before the applause!

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  2. I can assure you that your being in front of that camera, though strange, is a balm for those who join you every day. I have 3 women pastors who are rotating our evening meditations, and the power of their caring and their words comes through that lens and sits with me in the remaining hours of the night. You are doing the Lord’s work now just as surely as you were before…and now, more dependent on Him than ever to sustain you. What an incredible opportunity! Be well and know that across the pond, there are people who care about your devotion to your ministry!

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  3. Poppy I had a really positive thing happen today. I walked to the nursing home to deliver a letter for my Mother in law and on the way back I stopped (across the road) to talk to a neighbour. I asked if he was ok and as we were talking his dog came out of the garden and came over to say hello to me. My neighbour said that he was fine but that his dog was sad because he couldn’t go out to walk her. So I offered to take her and this afternoon I had a lovely walk with his gorgeous dog. I have really missed walking my mother-in-law’s dog so I felt this was a real gift to me, the dog and my neighbour. You never know it may be the start of a beautiful friendship. Hope comes in many packages. Stay positive x

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