Weekly check-in (65)

Happy Friday evening! It’s quite late and there’s a glass of red waiting, so I’ll be quick.

I’ve had an alright week, but I’ve had a really heavy cold, so I’m giving it a rating of 6/10.

We had a lazy day on Saturday and we finished our day off with really nice pie. Nathan made two (one vegan and one normal) which we’ve been eating for lunch throughout the week. At church on Sunday I preached about how Jesus is the cornerstone in our lives, and how he will use us to build his Kingdom if we let him.

On Monday I cleaned and tidied my study but by the end of the day I was starting to feel pretty rough. Tuesday was a Fresh Start training day on Zoom and as good as it was, in the afternoon I went upstairs to bed. I had a text on Tuesday night to say that the Foodbank lead was too poorly to come in so I set my alarm early and made sure I was dosed up on paracetamol and tea. Some mornings it seems like everything is going wrong, and with a small number of volunteers, electric tripping and running out of tins of soup, it certainly felt like that on Wednesday! But we got through it together, and we helped to feed 31 people, which is quite a high number for us.

The rest of the week I have enjoyed feeling my energy levels rise but taken things easy when I can. I’ve delivered newsletters, done admin, had a chat to my cell group, had a video call with my Goddaughter, attended a Triple C team coffee, written out baptism certificates, written my sermon, planned Sunday’s service and spent a lot of time moaning about the lack of meat and dairy in my life (I’m doing to 28 day vegan challenge).

The Weekly Star this time is Steve who helps at Foodbank. He helped us get through the slightly strange Wednesday morning by being in charge of doing meet and greet, and collecting all the relevant information from the customers. I don’t know how I’d have managed without him!

The Ministry Little Win was definitely getting through Wednesday morning successfully. It felt like a long Food bank session, but we made it!

More next time. Poppy

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