Yep, it’s happened.

I have tested positive for Covid.

Anybody who read my blog on Friday will know that I wasn’t feeling great last week. I had a heavy cold which started on Monday night/Tuesday morning but I didn’t have a temperature or a cough and my sense of taste/smell seemed alright. I assumed it was just a cold and got on with my week as best I could.

On Friday night, after I blogged, we ordered food and I had vegan chili cheese fries. I noticed lots of chili flakes and assumed it was to cover the taste of the weird vegan cheese. I ate them no problem, but I remember thinking that the chili wasn’t particularly strong.

On Saturday afternoon I had a text to say that one of the people who volunteers at Foodbank had tested positive, at which point alarm bells began to ring. I last had contact with that person ten days ago. After an extensive ‘taste test’ where I tried all manner of foul things (chili chocolate, whisky, pickled red cabbage and beer), we realised that my sense of taste and smell had gone.

I quickly called 119, decided to cancel church because I needed to self isolate, called lots of church people, put my dog collar on, filmed a service in my study, edited it, uploaded it and booked us both a Covid test for the next day.

Yesterday morning we set off to Wavertree for the test which was a good thing because the service was going on at St Giles, and Nathan kept pacing around the house, looking at the church through different windows! Because I was symptomatic, Nathan wasn’t allowed to go to church yesterday either.

So the day carried on and we kept ourselves to ourselves. This morning I got up and did two harvest assemblies on Zoom while Nathan was in bed with a migraine. Just before one, I had a text to say my test had come back positive.

Even though I was expecting it (since when did a bowl of satay sauce and chips with salt and pepper spring rolls not make my mouth water?), it was a bit of a shock to see it written down like that.

This afternoon I’ve made a load more phonecalls, sent emails and completely cleared my diary for the next ten days. If it had been a negative result, I would have continued to work from home, but as I have the virus, I’ve decided to do as little as possible. Although I feel alright, and much better than I did this time last week, I am taking it as a sign that I need to rest. I don’t want there to be any long term issues so I am going to be taking it easy for the next week or so.

So, just as we were adapting to this piece of news, Nathan had a text to say that his test had come back negative! I’m pleased for him, don’t get me wrong, but after checking the guidance, we had to work out which of us was allowed in which room so that we can isolate from each other. That was really weird and a bit sad.

I mean, realistically, we took the tests yesterday morning at 11.30 so I could have passed it on to him any time between then and four this afternoon when his result came in. He could pick it up off any surface that I have touched recently. But we still need to isolate if we can, and thankfully, we have a house that is more than big enough.

We’ve decided that Nathan will have the kitchen (there’s no point me preparing his food!), his study, the downstairs loo and the front two bedrooms. I will have the upstairs loo, our bedroom and my study. I was quite happy with this arrangement until I realised that I had no access to the fridge, which is very important to me because it dispenses ice for my gin. But Nathan says he can bring gin to me and leave it outside my room, so that’s all good!

Anyway, that’s it!

Being in in Liverpool which is now a ‘tier three very high risk’ area won’t make much difference to us for the time being because we’re in quarantine for at least another 10 days. I’m planning on catching up on the 2020 Reading Challenge, which I am way behind on, and napping lots. I might also throw in some Christmas prep if the mood strikes.

But please do know that I feel fine, just a bit snuffly and headache-y, as I have been after every cold I’ve ever had. Nathan has no symptoms either, just a headache from a lot of worry!

I’m so grateful to The Good Shepherd, St Giles and those from within Liverpool Diocese who have offered help and support. Another shout out to Gerry who went and picked up my prescription today.

I’m also grateful to the amazing NHS people who I’ve spoken to. Everybody has been so lovely and helpful, and the testing center was really well organised.

Let’s just all remember to wash hands, keep our distance, wear a mask and do as we’re told.

Bye for now!

3 thoughts on “COVID-19

  1. Hi Poppy
    Sorry to hear you have Covid but glad you are not feeling too unwell with it. Have a good rest with the odd gin or two

    Praying for you
    Sue Wade


  2. Oh no. Get well soon little poppet. I’ve been thinking about our mission weekend and how amazing you were. Really gifted.
    Have a rest now and come back stronger and bolder than ever
    Much love
    Jan x


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