Weekly Check-in (66)

So, it’s Friday night, and I know I say this most weeks, but I am tired and I’m going to be brief! This week: 3/10.

You might have seen that on Monday, I tested positive for Covid. I am very lucky that my symptoms haven’t been too bad, but I have spent most of the week resting as much as I can. I am finding that I am far more tired than usual, and my chest is tight in an evening.

This morning, I was beginning to entertain some jobs that needed doing. After a bit of thought and a lazy morning, I decided that I would do a very short service for online on Sunday. Nathan has already recorded a sermon for his church and so all I needed to do was welcome people, do a Bible reading, lead some prayers, and say the Lord’s prayer. All in all, this took about 5 minutes to prep and nine minutes to film. As I was up and moving, I also hoovered our bedroom carpet because it was starting to annoy me.

So, once I had done the service prep, filmed and hoovered a bit of carpet, I had to lie down on the bed in a heap because those small jobs wiped me out. My head started to pound and I cried with frustration because I am just not used to feeling like this.

I’m not looking for sympathy at all, so many people have got this a lot worse than I have. I am blessed to be young and fairly healthy and I know that I could be suffering so much more than I am.

But for goodness sake, can we please all just stay in. None of us want this situation. Nobody wants a second wave. I am fed up of not being able to be in the same room as Nathan. I’m desperate for a hug. We all want to be able to put this crazy, weird and draining time of our lives behind us. But that won’t happen if we don’t work together to fight it.

I’m going to sign off now. Love, blessing and prayers to you all.


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