COVID-19 (an update)

The Covid saga continues! After getting a temperature and a cough, Nathan tested positive with coronavirus today. He called 119 yesterday morning and went for a test at lunchtime. Last night he was really hot (in his words, ‘no different to normal!’) and shivering. The result came in today so even after we tried to isolate from each other last week, he managed to catch it anyway. Today he has brightened up a bit and his temperature was back to normal this morning.

Covid is a weird thing though. I got symptoms 9 days after having contact with somebody who shortly afterwards tested positive. Nathan got symptoms 9 days after I first got symptoms. It’s all a bit strange. But the good news is that we no longer need to isolate from each other, so hooray for that!

Overall, I’ve been alright but tired and achey. My back and chest hurt in the evenings. My energy levels have been fairly low, but I am starting to feel much more up to stuff. That being said, I am going to be very careful to not over work for the next month or so.

A couple of days after my test result came through, I ordered a bell from Amazon which came the next day. This has been referred to as the ‘Covid Tea Bell’ as I ring it once for tea and twice for gin. Anyway, the bell has been handed over to Nathan and I am really about to reap what I have sown!

The handing over of The Covid Bell

We also had the lovely Gerry call round with a parcel from the Post Man. We sat in Nathan’s study at the front of the house having a chat on the phone. It was really refreshing to see a friendly face! I personally think that this may be the way forward for meetings in the future…

Speaking of meetings, I called 119 this evening to ask what Nathan’s test result meant for my isolation. I have just had Covid, and I am on day 10 of my isolation so I should be allowed out and about (as much as anybody in Tier 3 can be out and about!) tomorrow. But apparently, as I have had direct contact with somebody who has tested positive (Nathan), I have to stay in for another fourteen days from his test date. According to the people on 119, it doesn’t matter that I have just had it. Nathan (with Covid) will be allowed out on Wednesday 28th and I am allowed out on 1st November.

This proves a bit of a problem for the Annual Meeting at The Good Shepherd which is currently scheduled for 28th October in church, and has to happen before 31st October. I reckon we are going to need to do it on Zoom. Anyway, I’m trying not to think about that too much until I’m officially back at my desk tomorrow.

Thanks for reading the latest update in Thorpe Household! We are so grateful for all the kind comments, cards, prayers, offers of help and food parcels. We feel so loved and cared for. I’ll leave you with a picture of the parcel Gerry delivered earlier. It is a pile of very tasty looking chocolate from my fab in-laws!

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