Weekly Check-in (67)

Hooray for Friday and hello from Covid Central!

Anybody who read my update on Monday will know that Nathan has also tested positive for Covid, despite our best efforts to isolate from each other last week. So although I am feeling much better, Nathan is definitely not right. He’s had a temperature most days and his cough is quite nasty.

But on the up side, we don’t have to live in different rooms any more!

Anyway, the time of isolation for my Covid ended on Monday so I decided to get back to my desk on Tuesday. I’ve not done anywhere near as much as I usually would. I am trying to be careful and not push too hard. My back still hurts and I don’t have as much energy as I usually do, so I’ve made an effort to pace myself.

Since Tuesday I have written, recorded, edited and uploaded the service for the weekend, attended the Young Priest Theologians Network Meeting (which was really good!), sorted out papers for the annual church meeting next week and cleared and sent lots of emails. I’ve spent more time resting, reading and hinching than normal. It would be lovely to think that I am learning to manage my time better!

But it is really weird not being able to go out and about. To be honest, what I am most missing at the moment is prayer walking. For weeks, prayer walking was the only thing that left me feeling positive. I’m definitely missing being out and about in my parish!

But a big part of this week has been looking after Nathan. I have made loads of tea and cooked lots. I’ve encouraged him to rest and read. I’ve given him tablets and cough medicine. And I have also hidden his laptop so that he can’t do any work! If I thought he could be trusted to just use his laptop to watch Netflix then I would give it back. But as it is, his laptop will stay put at least until the beginning of next week*.

The Weekly Star this time is Dorothy from St Giles who sent us cake today. I saw the lady from Aintree Desserts walking down the drive this morning and I knew it was going to be a good day!


Anyway, that’s it from me this week. I’ve got spiritual direction at 4 and then I’m clocking off!

Bye for now 🙂

*Nathan still has his phone and emails come through on that, so he isn’t completely cut off from parish life!

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