Weekly Check-in (68)

Happy Friday! I am rating this week 7/10.

Things are much better in Chez Thorpe. Nathan hasn’t had a temperature for days and his cough has almost gone. He got out of isolation yesterday and I will be allowed out on Sunday, just in time for church this week! We are still being careful with the amount we do though, because neither of us is quite right yet.

That being said, I have got loads more done this week than last. After two quite chilled days at the weekend, Monday began with catching up on admin that has slipped over the last couple of weeks. I also did a load of work on the Annual Meeting that happened on Wednesday night. On Tuesday I cracked on with my sermon and other bits and bobs.

Wednesday felt like a long day but it was so rewarding because the Annual Meeting went well. Once we had all connected on Zoom, we were finished in 35 minutes although a couple of us stayed on chatting and having a good laugh afterwards. I am delighted because I now officially have two church wardens, a treasurer, an independent examiner and a vice chair! Most churches have teams with all these people, plus more, but after a few months of various people telling me they want to quit, having that many roles filled is just amazing. It really feels like such a positive step forward.

Yesterday I finished the stuff for Sunday and decided to think about all the sermons that need to be written over the next two months. I break each sermon down into bite-sized chunks to give myself the best chance of coming up with something decent. After breaking them down and putting them into my To Do list, I decided to start my Christmas prep today!

So this morning I have been thinking about how to do a Christingle service with the current regulations. I reckon I’m going to give everybody a bag with the Christingle components in and get them to make it themselves. This will reduce chances of spreading the virus through touch and it means that my sermon can be talking people through how to make it while explaining what all the different bits mean. I’ve also had a look at some kid-friendly Christmas videos to play at services like this.

This week, I’ve really enjoyed getting into some pre-Christmas hinching! Hinching, or cleaning to those not familiar with Mrs Hinch, does my mental health so much good.

All in all, it’s been a pretty good week.

My Ministry Little Win is actually this blog. It’s the first time in ages that I’ve had a full week and managed to blog before Friday evening. It’s just before 2pm and I’m about to start winding up for our day off tomorrow!

Ciao for now! Poppy 🙂

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