Weekly Check-in (84)

Hello! I hope you’re doing alright. This lockdown really seems to be dragging, doesn’t it? I’m giving this week 5/10. It’s just been a bit meh.

I enjoyed leading the service on Sunday morning and I went to The Good Shepherd afterwards to tie all the valentines hearts to the railings. It was cold! But they look lovely and I hope that they have given people a smile as they’ve walked by.

It was half term this week, and that meant doing the Holiday Club that has been long in the planning for children across Norris Green and Croxteth. I was on duty Monday and Friday. In twos, we went on Zoom to host the session which was then broadcast to Facebook. Parents could comment as we went so we got some interaction with the kids that way. Obviously, we’d much rather run a holiday club in person, but it was really great to be able to use the technology to show Bible stories, magic tricks and a daily challenge each day!

The rest of the week involved a Facebook live service on Ash Wednesday, the next Starting Theology session, admin, meetings, deliveries, cell group chat, a trip to the hospital, lots of prep and a very busy morning at Foodbank where we gave out parcels that will have fed 37 people!

The Weekly Star is Sue from Christ Church who saw me putting out the hearts on the church railings and stopped to help because it was so cold! I was very grateful because my hands were almost numb!

The Little Win was managing to escape from the house for an hour yesterday for a trip to Maccies! We sat in the car and read out fun books. It was just what was needed in the middle of a busy day!

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