Holy Week as a Deacon: Maundy Thursday

10.05am After a slightly shaky start to the day (I can't find my house keys and I'm teething- yes, teething!), things are looking up as I've got a vanilla latte in hand and have consumed an almond croissant. 11.14am Disaster has struck in the church office. We've noticed that a fake Holy Trinity Formby website [...]

Holy Week as a Deacon: Wednesday

12.09pm I do love Wednesday mornings. We have two mid week communion services, one at St Michael's and one at Holy Trinity. At the first, the congregation sits in the choir stalls making it really intimate. I'm also still glowing from last night, it was absolutely amazing. I liked making people laugh as a particularly [...]

Holy Week as a Deacon: Tuesday

10.53am I'm slightly late starting blogging today because there's been so much going on! I got up late and took my breakfast with me to church. I got caught in the rain on the way and have spent the last 2 hours drying out! I've found myself a nice spot near a radiator now though. [...]