Weekly Check-in (57)

Happy Friday! I’ll be as quick as I can today because it’s gone 7pm and I’m keen to clock off (hence the gin in the corner of the picture above)! Anyway, this week is getting 6/10.

First things first, Sunday went well. I wasn’t feeling very positive about it on the actual day but, on reflection, I am pleased with how it went.

Before the service started, I was feeling several unpleasant things: first day nerves (even though I’ve been here for ten weeks), worry about keeping people safe from Covid and worry about various other dynamics. During the service, I felt hot because of the mask and I wasn’t sure that people could hear me properly. And afterwards I was so tired that I wasn’t up to much apart from editing the video, having a bath and pouring myself a glass of wine!

But with a bit of time to think it through, I think it went as well as it could have done. We had 12 people attend. Before lockdown The Good Shepherd was averaging 14-16, so, with all things considered, I’m happy with 12. We can fit 20 in so we have space to expand this week.

Also, it might have felt weird to look out on a congregation who I can’t let sing, sat at two meter distances and wearing face masks but I really think it’s time to start adjusting to the way things are now. I’m just hoping that eventually, when we’ve been going for a few weeks, it won’t feel so strange. And my lovely new church family gave me a bunch of flowers to welcome me, so that was really lovely.

The new ‘welcome’ sign I made for church

The rest of the week has involved a chat with my cell group, a coffee with a friend, one funeral in the crematorium, one very warm funeral at the graveside, Food Bank, Food Pantry, prayer walks, a funeral visit for next week and a visit to a lovely couple of parishioners who gave me a strawberry tart and sent me away with a picnic for me and Nathan! This afternoon, Nathan’s Mum & brother came round which was just lovely.

The Weekly Star this time is Vicky. I know Vicky from Formby but she moved to Norris Green at the beginning of lockdown, so she is happy to come and help out with things that we have going on. Vicky came and did the power point for me on Sunday, and she was so kind and encouraging when I was nervous and being hard on myself.

My Little Win this week is the Eco Church Award plaque arriving for Holy Trinity. I know this is to do with my previous job rather than this one, but it’s still great to see hard work paying off! I am super keen to get an Eco Team up and running at the Good Shepherd before the year is out.

That’s it from me this time, off to run a bath and order a takeout!

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